About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, affordable independent-living facility with a community atmosphere that upholds Christian values and enhances quality of life for seniors.

Core Values

Elim Lodge Housing Group (HG), through its affiliation with Elim Tabernacle, is committed to excellence in accommodation for seniors.

Caring Christian Community

Elim Lodge HG is committed to providing a Christian environment. Friendly support for residents through a variety of wholesome activities is a priority in this church-related facility.

Respect & Dignity

Elim Lodge HG is committed to encouraging an atmosphere that gives honour and value to residents. We value open communication and respect the privacy of individuals.

Safety & Security

Elim Lodge HG is committed to providing a safe and secure environment through facility enhancements, electronic technology and resident awareness education.

Quality of Life Choices

Elim Lodge HG is committed to enabling residents to maintain an independent lifestyle. We offer a choice of affordable rental suites, well-equipped life-lease suites and assisted living services. This includes comprehensive programs and services, a variety of amenities and opportunities for social interaction to enhance residents' quality of life.