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Questions About Elim Lodge

Assisted Living: For individuals who are still capable of independent living but who want or need a little assistance.

Life-Lease: A leased suite with a guaranteed buy-back when it is time to receive a little more help.

Senior Apartment: Suites that are safe, comfortable and conveniently located next to The Centre Mall in Saskatoon.

Elim Lodge is owned and operated by Elim Lodge Inc., a Saskatoon-based charitable corporation with more than 40 years of experience in senior living. Elim Lodge Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of members from its supporting churches.

Suites will range in size from 932 sq. ft. to 1315 sq. ft. See the variety of Suites Plans by clicking here.

Indoor parking is available on a first come first served basis with the cost added to the monthly fee.

No, but additional spaces will be available outdoors at reserved electrified spaces.

Monthly fees range according to suite size up to $850 / month. The life lease entrance fee paid upon move in lowers monthly fees to well below market rental prices. We encourage people considering a life lease to calculate monthly savings and compare to interest that your entrance fee would generate if invested. This will assist in determining if a life lease is right for you.

Water and sewer are included in the monthly fee. Electricity is not included (except for a few rentals). Each suite has its own electricity meter and you are billed directly from SaskPower.

Residents make their own arrangements with the service provider of their choice.

Yes. You will be billed directly by the service provider for any of these services.

You can choose the service provider you prefer.

Occasionally, there is opportunity to purchase appliances from the resident leaving the suite.

One-bedroom rental apartments will start at 570 sq. ft. (with no laundry connections) up to 708 sq. ft. (with laundry connections). Two-bedroom rental apartments (with no laundry connections) are 830 sq. ft.

Rental rates are well below market rental rates as we operate an affordable housing not-for-profit charity. This creates a long waiting list. Please contact the Elim Lodge Office to find out if rental applications are being accepted. At this time, the waiting list is until 2031 for one bedroom suites and longer for 2 bedroom suites. We are not currently accepting rental applications.

Yes, evening meals are available for purchase to eat in or take out. Please contact the Elim Lodge Office for details.

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting any applications for rental suites. The current real estate market and a growing shortage of rental apartments in Saskatoon has caused our waiting lists to increase dramatically. Low turnover of our suites has meant that there are long waiting periods for applicants.
We invite you to check back periodically, to inquire about the status of our applications.

A life lease is more similar to a rental with an entrance fee than a condo. There will never be a cash-call for major repairs as Elim Lodge Inc. retains ownership. The suite is returned to Elim Lodge Inc. at the end of tenancy with a pre-determined return amount of the entrance fee. Maintenance of the suite is included. We recommend discussing life leases with an Elim Lodge representative while touring the suites.