Life-Lease Suites

Life-Lease Suites

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Suites available on a Life-Lease basis are two-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 932 sq.ft. to 1,315 sq.ft. All have a full bath with shower, and many have either a half-bath or full bath off the master bedroom.

Life-Lease Condominium Purchase
You hold the life-lease You hold title to the property
Elim Lodge owns and manages the property You own the property and the condo association manages the property
Guaranteed buy-back of the lease Sale according to the market
Pre-determined price when selling, no legal fees, no realtor fees Market price when selling, plus legal fees, plus realtor fees
Will never be assessed for major repairs Will have proportionate share of major repairs
No condo association or meetings Condo association and meetings
Can sublet Can sublet
Reputable charitable corporation with 35 years of experience in adult housing Condo owner and association reputation may be unknown or requires research
Building construction standards are high; the building will be first class with no corners cut Condo building construction standards unknown or requires research
Management standards are high and the building is well maintained Management standards are unknown or requires research
Building security high / You can pick up and travel knowing your suite is secure Building security varies depending on the condo owner and association
Christian-based community atmosphere Fellow condo owners are unknown and building atmosphere is unknown

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Services & Amenities – Life-Lease Suites

Building Amenities

  • Entry security system with 24 hr. video monitoring, modern key fob & remote control garage access, and security entry view on TV for Shaw Cable subscribers
  • Four elevators
  • Parking available for rent (underground, street level, and overnight outdoor visitor parking)
  • Storage cubicles available for rent (4 feet x 6 feet)
  • Auditorium
  • Woodworking shop
  • Exercise & games rooms
  • Library – includes service provided by the Saskatoon Public Library
  • Lounge with kitchen facilities
  • Craft room
  • Dining Room – evening meal service available for purchase by all residents
  • Outdoor deck for group activities/barbecues
  • Guest suites available for short-term family use
  • Completely wheelchair accessible

Additional Services

  • LifeAid medical emergency call button with 24-hour monitoring
  • Evening meal in the Dining Room is available for purchase
  • Pastoral care and weekly Bible studies
  • Hairdressing/barber services – available by appointment
  • Massage Therapist – available by appointment
  • An active social and recreation committee – “The Keenagers”

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Admission – Life-Lease Suites


Acquiring one of Elim Lodge’s Life-Lease suites is similar, in some respects, to purchasing a condominium. Your purchase price guarantees that you can continue to occupy the suite for as long as you are able to live independently in it. Unlike buying a condominium, you do not own the suite. When you no longer require the suite for whatever reason, Elim Lodge refunds your purchase cost or current market value, whichever is less.


As noted above, applicants must be capable of independent living with the help of the services we provide. Staff members are not qualified nor permitted to provide any nursing care or other personal care. These services are available through licensed providers such as Home Care, Saskatoon Home Support or LutherCare Home Help Services. Residents who have been assessed as requiring Personal Care services will not qualify for admission to Elim Lodge Assisted Living suites. For those who require such care, Elim Lodge Inc. operates a Personal Care facility at Hyde Park View. (306-373- 6333). Elim Lodge is a non-smoking facility (even in your suite). No pets are allowed.

Monthly Fees

As a not-for-profit corporation, we keep the monthly fees as low as possible.  The life-lease monthly fee includes your proportion of property taxes, utilities (except for electricity), maintenance fees, common area costs, staff salaries, landscaping and more.  Fees are based on the size of the suite.  Larger suites pay a little bit more and smaller suites a little less.  The fees charged for available suites may be obtained from the Office. 

Managing Body

The Elim Lodge Inc. corporation is owned and operated by the Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for the governance of the corporation and delegates responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the corporation to the CEO and the management team.  Elim Lodge Inc. is a Registered Charity in the province of Saskatchewan and issues income tax deductible Charitable Giving Receipts.

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